Finding Data

Data often is coded and can be difficult to interpret. Be sure to look for a descriptor file that may accompany data set. Some websites to consider: 
  • Ways to get data
    • this site talks about methods of obtaining data.

    • free, public data collected by government agencies
    • includes populations, crime, housing, poverty, etc.

  • Minnesota State Demographic Center
    • Minnesota data on Minnesotans. Births, deaths, jobs, income, and much more.
    • to use, pick a "topic" and then click on the "data" tab near the top of the page

  • U of M Business and Econ Statistics
    • contains a number of data sets for census and business statistics, including stats specific to Minnesota
  • FlowingData
    •     Site to point you to more sites filled with data, from Baseball stats to weather.

  • Figshare
    • public space for researchers to share their data with others

  • DSDR Demographic Data
    • Data on Children, Populations, Marriage, Health & Mortality, and Fertility