Weighted Grades 

Students are encouraged to take challenging courses that prepare them for college. Students are also encouraged to take elective courses as a means of exploring areas of interest and as a means of creating a balanced schedule. The primary purpose in taking any course is to learn and develop skills. We recognize that the grades earned in courses does matter when students apply to college and scholarships. Therefore, courses awarding college credit are weighed at a value of 1.25. These include all Advanced Placement courses (including online AP or PSEO courses where a student takes the corresponding AP exam and earns a score of 3 or higher) and all concurrent enrollment courses (for example, Health Care Careers from Pine Technical College), including College in the Schools (University of Minnesota), College Now courses (Southwest State University). Courses with weighted grades and the weight values can be found below.

Weighted Courses

CIS Animal Science
CIS Plant Science

AP Art History
AP Music Theory
AP Art Studio

Career/Technical Education
Health Care Careers 
Emergency Medical Responder
Emergency Medical Technician
English Language Arts
AP English Language & Composition
AP English Literature & Composition
CIS University Writing & Critical Reading
CIS Introduction to Literature
CIS Advanced Public Speaking
AP Calculus I
AP Calculus II
AP Statistics
CIS Algebra through
AP Computer Science
CIS Basic and Applied Statistics 

AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics C: Mechanics I & II

Social Studies
AP US History
AP World History
AP Psychology
CIS US History to 1880,
CIS US History beyond 1880
CIS Micro and Macro Economics
Political Science
CIS Political Science

World Language
Spanish IV
College Now Spanish V
AP Spanish Literature
College Now French V
Unbalanced Scale  

Weighted Grade Values

 4.0 5.0 
 A-  3.7    4.625
  B+   3.3     4.125 
 3.0   3.75 
 B-  2.7    3.375
  C+  2.3     2.875 
C  2.0 2.5 
 C-  1.7     2.125 
   D+  1.3     1.625 
 D  1.0    1.25 
   D-  .7      .875