Vicky Monzel (A – Ka) 651-982-8417
Peggy Peterson (Kb – Z) 651-982-8416

The Student Services Office provides a variety of services for Forest Lake Area High School. The office fills both administrative and guidance functions for students, parents, alumni, and staff. Information and assistance relating to discipline, guidance, counseling, grading, and other areas are provided by the Student Services staff.
  • The Student Services Office practices a personalized approach to serving the school population. Major goals for the Student Services Office include: 
  • Utilizing a holistic approach with students in all areas: academics, behavioral, social, personal, and career; 
  • Maintaining a high level of communication between staff, students, parents, and other appropriate out-of-school personnel; 
  • Linking students with a team of staff members in the office for the duration of their high school career; 
  • Providing fair and consistent responses and assistance in a timely manner to those we serve.

The purpose of the Career Resource Center is to provide additional educational and occupational guidance to students. Information is provided to students to help them make mature and responsible decisions concerning their occupational goals. Arrangements are made through the CRC for representatives of various colleges, universities, technical schools and the military to meet with interested students.

The purpose of the Media Center is to provide resources and access to technical information to students. The Media Center is open from 7:30 AM. to 3:30 PM each school day. Depending on the type of material, check out times range from overnight to up to three weeks. Checked out material is the responsibility of the student, and any articles that are damaged or lost must be replaced or paid for by the student. If a library book or textbook is accidentally destroyed, or stolen, or if it is loaned to another student and not given back, the student checking out the material is still responsible for its replacement.

To insure an atmosphere conducive to study, only four persons will be allowed at each table. Students not complying with the rules of the Media Center or misbehaving will be asked to leave, and may be excluded from use of the Media Center for an entire term. Passes are required for all students not accompanied by a teacher. Students should sign in when entering the Media Center, file their pass alphabetically, and remain in the Media Center until the end of the period.

The Media Center maintains computer labs for student use. These computers are available on a first come, first served basis, and are reserved for school related work. Illegal copies of software or games may not be used on Media Center computers. Students caught using these materials will lose their access to the computers, and any illegal software will be confiscated. Students must follow the district user policy and technology guidelines. Occasionally, classroom teachers may have this lab reserved leaving no available computers for students with passes.

FLHS FOOD SERVICES: 651-982-8485
(District Food Service: 651-982-8396)
All students must report to the cafeteria during their designated lunch period, and should be in the cafeteria before the bell rings. Students will be permitted to leave the cafeteria ONLY with permission and a pass from school staff.

Students are required to eat lunch in the school cafeteria, whether they purchase a school lunch or bring a bag lunch from home. All food must be eaten while sitting at a table.

Breakfast items, coffee, milk and orange juice are sold before school in the cafeteria.

Every student will be given a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to be used during the school year. Students wishing to purchase lunch or other food items need to deposit money into their PIN accounts either at the Automatic Cash Deposit Machine or checks maybe given to a cafeteria staff member for deposit. Students should remember to keep their PIN confidential.

All inquiries regarding lunch accounts, reduced or free lunches or other food service options should be directed to cafeteria staff at 651-982-8485 or 8486.
POLICE LIAISON OFFICER: Jon Glader 651-982-8421
In cooperation with the Forest Lake Police Department, a police liaison officer is assigned to FLHS. In addition to working closely with high school administrators and faculty, the police liaison officer is involved in classroom presentations about various aspects of law enforcement, and is available to conduct investigations.

All FLHS students will be issued a locker during the first week of school. These lockers are intended for the personal storage of a student’s books, school materials and outer apparel during the school day. Purses, money and other items of value should not be left in the locker. FLHS is not liable for the loss of any valuables. The best way a student can safeguard their personal belongings is to be sure their locker is securely locked; avoid giving their lock combination to any other person; avoid sharing lockers with another student; and reporting any problem with a locker to the Student Services Office as soon as possible. Custodians generally are able to repair a locker the same day it is reported. Students may bring a padlock from home to use on their locker if they wish, but the combination of the lock must be recorded in the office.

Identification cards will be issued to all students shortly after the beginning of the school year. ID cards should be carried at all times during school and school activities. Students will need to produce their ID card:
  • when asked by a staff member to see it;
  • when checking out Media Center materials;
  • when applying for a parking permit;
  • when seeking admittance to school events;
  • when leaving the building or grounds during the school day.
  • Students who lose their ID cards can have them replaced in the Student Services office. 
When school will be closed or delayed because of inclement weather, parents can expect a phone call home through our Connect Ed system.

Additionally, announcement will be made on radio stations WCCO-830AM and on WLKX-Lakes Radio 96FM , or you may call the District Weather Hotline at 982-8143.

Forest Lake Area Schools is committed to fulfilling the obligations of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. The fundamental principles behind these federal laws are that students with disabilities are provided a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. This means that the district has systems in place to identify, evaluate and provide educational services to students with disabilities in a manner that is as similar to their non-disabled peers as deemed appropriate.

Parents and students have a right to request an evaluation if they suspect the student has a disability that affects their educational progress. The district employs licensed special education teachers, therapists and psychologists to conduct the evaluations. Parents and students have a right to be part of the educational team that determines the methods of evaluation, the interpretation of the evaluation results and the development of the Individual Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan should one be required. Parents and students who have questions regarding the process can contact the Educational Service Administrator at 651-982-3011 or the Director of Special Education at 651-982-8131.