A more comprehensive source of academic information can be found under the "Academics" tab on the high school's website. This online resource includes details about graduation requirements, course offerings and descriptions, college admissions, graduation and other academic programs.

Students must earn a B- grade or higher in a number of College Credit Bearing subject areas in order to qualify as an Academic Scholar.  
  • Academic Scholar: student has completed 3 College Credit Bearing Classes 
  • High Academic Scholar: student has completed 4 College Credit Bearing Classes in 2 or more areas (See Registration Guide) 
  • Highest Academic Scholar: student has completed 5 or more College Credit Bearing Classes in 3 or more areas (See Registration Guide) 
Full time FLHS students will earn the distinction of being placed on the Honor Roll with the following grade point averages, during a single term, in regular education courses:

“A” Honor Roll – 3.7-4.0 “B” Honor Roll – 3.0-3.69

Students are expected to monitor their own progress toward fulfilling the graduation requirements. Students will receive assistance from their advisory teacher and dean in tracking their progress. Students must meet the graduation requirements set forth by the School Board. Students and parents are encouraged to contact their dean for assistance. Please see the registration guide for more detailed information.

Participating in commencement is a privilege, not a right. Students who do not meet the graduation requirements set forth by District 831 School Board will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. Any student who violates District 831 Secondary School Student Code of Conduct may have the graduation ceremony privilege revoked.

Students that complete all the requirements for graduation at the end of Semester 1 may opt for early graduation. Students who wish to explore this option should meet with their dean and complete an Early Graduation Request Form. Early grads can participate in commencement and other culminating graduate activities. However, early grads must check in at the Student Services Office when entering the high school. Early grads should sign up to receive school announcements via email to prepare for the end of the year events. Students who have received credit through Guided Studies or other credit recovery programs are not eligible for Early Graduation.

Report cards are accessed through School View. Parents/Guardians or students may request a paper copy from the Student Services Office if needed.

Parents/Guardians may gain access to TIES School View to monitor their student's school information, such as attendance, grades, and credits. Parents may contact Wendy Schroeder, the Administrative Assistant, at or 651-982-8598 to obtain School View login information. Once registered, parents and students may view the student's information at any time.

Students of FLHS who wish to send a copy of their official transcripts to post-secondary institutions and the NCAA Clearinghouse must request them through Parchment. (Parental permission to send transcripts for students under age 18 is given during the registration process, on the registration form.) Both official and unofficial copies are also available in the Student Services office.

Student schedule changes must be made before the term begins. Students will be given their schedule at least one week before the start of a new term. This will enable students to identify classes that need to be changed prior to the start of the next term. The handling of schedule changes is centralized in the Student Services Office. If a student wishes to change a schedule, s/he must complete a Schedule Change Request Form. The only acceptable reasons for a schedule change are:
  1. Student is missing a prerequisite for a class on his/her schedule 
  2. Student is lacking a class required for graduation, college admissions or completion of a graduation standard 
  3. Student is academically misplaced 
After fifteen school days into a term, a student who drops a course will receive a final grade of “F” for that course. Student requests for schedule changes must be approved by parents and deans. If a student or parent does not accept the decision concerning a schedule change, they may appeal the decision to the principal. The principal’s decision is final.

When a student withdraws from school or transfers to another school during the school year, a Withdrawal Form should be obtained from the Student Services Office. Having this form signed by all his/her teachers is the student’s assurance that records can be forwarded to other schools or to prospective employers. Final clearance is made in the Student Services Office. It is important that a student who is thinking of withdrawing from school talk to his/her dean to discuss consequences and alternatives to withdrawl.

A parent, guardian or an adult student 18 years old or older may review the content of the instructional materials to be provided a minor child or an adult student, and, if the parent, guardian or adult student objects to the content, may make reasonable arrangements with school personnel for alternative instruction. Alternative instruction may be provided by the parent, guardian, or adult student if the alternative instruction, if any, offered by the School Board does not meet the concerns of the parent, guardian or adult student. The School Board is not required to pay for the costs of alternative instruction provided by a parent, guardian or adult student. School personnel may not impose an academic or other penalty upon a student merely for arranging alternative instruction. School personnel may evaluate and assess the quality of the student’s work.

Alternatives to the traditional high school setting of Forest Lake High school exist. Examples include the Forest Lake Area Learning Center (also known as the ALC), Open Enrollment, Distance Learning, Correspondence School or Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) and Home School. Students and parents may inquire about these options at the Student Service Office.

The PSEO program is open to eligible sophomores, juniors and seniors who wish to earn dual high school and college credit. Students may participate on either a full time or part time basis. It is the responsibility of the student to meet college admission requirements, registration deadlines and also monitor and coordinate high school graduation requirements. Interested students should schedule an appointment with their dean.