Dates to remember

These dates are for registration for the 2017-2018 school year:
  • January 18-27, 2017: Materials given to CJH 9th graders with a slide presentation
  • January 18, 2017: Materials given to 10th/11th grade students in advisory with a slide presentation
  • January 18-27, 2017: Materials given to SWJH 9th graders with a slide presentation
  • January 31, 2017: Parent information session @ 6:30 pm - FLHS Auditorium
  • February 2 or 8: Open house registration - Select one evening to register between 4-8 pm. Parents and students must attend together. The evening's first stop will be a quick visit to the classroom of the student's advisory teacher. (Advisory teacher and room number are listed on the registration letter mailed to each student) The second stop is a check-in with the student's dean outside the media center. The final stop is at a computer in the Media Center to enter course requests.
Parent Information Session
(January 31 at 6:30 pm)
  • Held in FLHS Auditorium
  • This opportunity provides information on:
    • Graduation Requirements
    • Advice for Academic Planning
    • Academic Programs & suggestions on course selection
    • College Credit Opportunities
    • General high school expectations
  • Deans will be available to answer individual questions, following the presentation.

Registration Open House
(February 2nd or 8th)

  • Students and parents pick one of the two nights to attend.
  • Come anytime between 4 pm and 8 pm.
  • Meet with advisor, dean, and then complete computer registration.
  • More details how to prepare are below.
Registration Night Check List
Before You Arrive to Register: 
  • Complete the front page of the registration worksheet completely.
  • Students should include 14 courses selections and 5 alternates. (Courses that require 2 spaces count as 2 courses.)
  • Make sure a career interest is listed to help facilitate discussion of course selections.
  • Parents should sign the registration sheets allowing for release of student transcripts.
On the Night of Registration:
  • Begin with the student's advisory teacher. The advisory teacher will: 
    • answer questions as they are able
    • review that worksheets are complete and correct
    • talk with students/parents about the student's plan for the future
    • sign-off on worksheets, and send parents/students to meet with their dean.
  • Students/parents will have a brief meeting with their deans to:
    • answer questions that remain
    • review registration worksheets
    • make additional suggestions as appropriate
  • Students will then  move to computers to input their final registration selections and alternates. When students have entered all requests, they’ll be asked to:
    • Tear off the back page of the registration worksheet to keep as their record. (Another option would be to take a picture of the back page and turn in the entire worksheet)
    • Turn in their course request worksheet before leaving. Deans keep those copies for reference.
    • Students do NOT need to print a copy of their course requests. That information should be filled out on the back page of the worksheet.