Spanish Immersion Courses

Course # 4317 – Popular Literature In Spanish (11-12)
Prerequisite recommendation: Enrolled in Spanish V or Completion of Spanish V
This course is designed for students with a strong Spanish language background. The reading, writing, and discussion will be in Spanish. Literature, with its potential to entertain and challenge, provides a perfect setting to explore new worlds and new ideas. This is the purpose of Popular Literature. It is designed to continue the study of literary terms and structure begun in American Literature or American Voices and relate them to current themes and topics in literature and society today. Students will examine, discuss, and write about some of the best popular literary selections including modern novels, short stories and essays. Additionally students will read and study five novels. This course meets the Language Arts reading requirement.
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Course # 7003 – United States History A in Spanish (11-12)
Course # 7004 – United States History B in Spanish (11-12)
(generally taken junior year)

Students will complete a two term study of the history and development of the United States from the beginning of Native American Indian discovery through European colonization to the present day. Major themes of study include the Convergence of Cultures from the Americas, Europe and Africa, The American Revolution, the Civil War, Industrialization, The Emergence of Modern America, World War I and II and the Postwar United States.
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Course # 7024 – World History A in Spanish (10-12) (generally taken sophomore year)
Course # 7025 – World History B in Spanish (10-12) (generally taken sophomore year)

World History A and B satisfy the 1 credit requirement in World History needed for graduation from Forest Lake Area High School. The courses are chronological in context and are designed to be taken during a student’s sophomore year of study. Major units of study in World History A cover a time frame beginning with the earliest record of humanity and ending with the 1st millennium of the Current Era, (AD 1000). World History B begins with the study of the late Medieval Period in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia and concludes with the Post World War II Era.
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Course # 7718 - Immersion Spanish IIIA (9)
Course # 7719 - Immersion Spanish IIIB (9)
Prerequisite: This course is open to 9th grade students who attended Lakes International Language Academy and successfully completed Extended Spanish and Cultures I and II at Southwest Junior High.
Immersion Spanish III is a course that will continue development of students’ proficiency and awareness of Spanish speaking cultures, with connections to their own. In this course, students will continue working on extending their knowledge of Spanish grammatical structure, vocabulary and fluency. Students will use their Spanish language communication skills to study various cultures and countries where Spanish is spoken.
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Course # 7725 - Immersion Spanish IV  (10-12) 
 Immersion students have unique language learning experiences and needs that are not met in the traditional Spanish IV classroom.  Therefore, Immersion Spanish IV is designed to meet the needs of students who have completed Immersion Spanish III or who are native speakers.  The instruction, discussion, and writing will be completely in Spanish.  The course is designed to review and reinforce grammatical structures with which immersion students typically struggle as well as to continue their study of literature.  The cultural focus is on peninsular Spain, with students reading a variety of Spanish literature including poetry, short stories, and a short novel.  Students will also view films with cultural content related to the literature and history of Spain.  Immersion Spanish IV will prepare students for CIS Spanish V, Popular Literature in Spanish, AP Spanish Literature, and/or further Spanish study in college.
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Course # 7753 - Spanish V A (11-12)
Prerequisite: C- or better in Spanish IVB or instructor approval
Course # 7754 - Spanish V B (11-12)

Prerequisite: C- or better in Spanish VA or instructor approval 
Ranger U Southwest State requires students to have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and seniors must be in the top 1/2 of their class and juniors in the top 1/3 of their graduating class.
College in the Schools Spanish V is offered in conjunction with Southwest State University’s College Now in Spanish. CIS Spanish V students will continue to develop proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The emphasis in CIS Spanish V is on activities and projects where students refine their grammar and communication in Spanish. Culture is a key component of CIS Spanish V. Through music, literature, writing, and in-class discussion, various aspects of Hispanic and American culture will be compared and contrasted. Successful completion of this course may enable students to earn 4 semester credits from the Southwest State Minnesota University. (College Now Intermediate Spanish 202)
Students wishing to take CIS Spanish 5 should complete Spanish 4 in their junior year.
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Course # 7771 - AP Spanish Literature A (11-12)
Prerequisite: C- or better in Spanish IVB or instructor approval
Course # 7772 - AP Spanish Literature B (11-12)
Prerequisite: C- or better in AP Spanish Literature A or instructor approval
Ranger U Students may take AP Spanish Literature and CIS Spanish V concurrently. The AP Spanish Literature course is a survey of works, which represent both Peninsular and Latin American literature in Spanish. The course is intended to teach college-bound students to read critically and become acquainted with the characteristics of major literary movements from the Middle Ages to the present, as well as to foster an appreciation of the Spanish language and Hispanic literature and culture. As they read all the required selections included on the official reading list for AP Spanish Literature, students will demonstrate through various activities their comprehension of each piece of literature. Students will demonstrate their comprehension through composition of expository passages, classroom discussions and debates, and oral presentations. The goal is to push the students beyond factual recall and immerse them in the reflective questions, which can only be adequately addressed through deep analytical thinking. The course is conducted entirely in Spanish.
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