Health Science Occupations Courses
Course # 2436 – Intro to Health Care A (12)Health Care Students
Course # 2437 – Intro to Health Care B (12)

Students must register for both Section A and Section B of this course.
Ranger U Forest Lake High School, in partnership with Pine Technical and Community College, Fairview Lakes Medical Center, Parmly and Birchwood long term care facilities, is offering this course for students interested in exploring a career in a medical field. Through a combination of classroom lectures, labs, and 24 hours of clinical experience at nearby long term care facilities, students meet the requirements needed to take the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Competency exam. Passing this exam allows them to become Registered Nursing Assistants throughout the State of Minnesota. This course also fills an entry requirement for many nursing programs. Before completing the clinical component of the course, students must undergo a background check and provide medical proof that they do not have Tuberculosis. Students must provide their own transportation for clinicals.

Students participate in a series of site visits to Fairview Lakes Medical Center, where they learn first-hand from professionals actually working in healthcare fields. Site visits cover the areas of Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Intensive care, Emergency Rooms, Diagnostics, Obstetrics, Human Resources, Operating Rooms, and Volunteer Services. Transportation is provided for site visits. The course also includes First Aid and CPR certification for Healthcare Providers through the American Heart Association. Basic medical terminology is incorporated into the course. Taking this course is a great way for students to explore whether the healthcare field is right for them.
Successful completion of this course may enable students to earn 4 semester credits through Pine Technical and Community College. (HEOP 1510)
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Course # 2450 – Emergency Medical Responder (11-12)
Prerequisite: Successful completion Phy Ed 10
Ranger U This course enables students with or without previous emergency care course experience to become a Minnesota State registered Emergency Medical Responder (EMR). This course is designed to provide the EMR at the scene of a medical or trauma emergency the necessary knowledge and skill to manage patient care until the arrival of ambulance personnel. The course will cover the following topics: body substance isolation, anatomy/physiology, patient assessment, vital signs, bleeding and shock control, spinal immobilization, splinting, bandaging, use of oxygen adjunctive equipment, water safety and life-saving techniques, working with ambulance stretchers and CPR. Ten hours of lab/community volunteer time are required. Opportunities to apply knowledge and skills will be provided. Successful completion of this course may enable students to earn 2 semester credits through Pine Technical and Community College.
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Course # 2451 – Emergency Medical Technician A (12) (Two class periods)
Course # 2452 – Emergency Medical Technician B (12) (Two class periods)

Prerequisite: Successful completion Phy Ed 10 and Emergency Medical Responder
Ranger U This Emergency Medical Technician class meets or exceeds the United States Department of Transportation 2009 National EMS Education Standards for the Emergency Medical Technician. At the successful completion of the class the student who has reached their 18th birthday, will be eligible to take the National Registry EMT written and practical examinations.
Students may have the opportunity to work with simulation equipment and may participate in additional off campus experiences. The course will be taught by certified secondary Health Occupations Instructors licensed by the Minnesota Board of Teaching, nurses, paramedics, physicians and other health care professionals. Students must register for both Emergency Medical Technician A and B. Successful completion of these courses may enable students to earn 9 semester credits through Pine Technical and Community College.
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Course # 2453 – Extended Emergency Care (11-12) (Not offered in 2016-2017)
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Emergency Medical Responder and Emergency Medical Technician
Emergency, Emergency! Imagine responding to an emergency situation and having the life-saving skills to save another person’s life. Students will learn to apply skills learned in the Emergency Medical Responder course. Students will prepare to gain certification as a CPR trainer, learn essential skills related to athletic training and apply these skills to athletic situations, learn the essentials related to rope and rescue, and introductory firefighting rescue concepts and principles. This hands-on course will advance students’ skills in the area of emergency care fields and provide opportunities to pursue careers in the medical responder fields.
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